Friday, January 15, 2010

Pop Art

So, the title alone of this blog would seem to denote that it would be about t-shirts.  Normally that would be true.

I have had a good run so far with MySoti in simply uploading my designs as t-shirt designs.  Every time I do, I have always been a little curious about their option to upload your design as a canvas/poster.  So, I gave it a try.

I liked it.  It was easy.  And like Andy Warhol before us, one might argue that t-shirt designs (which I liken more to pop art) aren't art.  Until they are.  Am I right?

So this week I as suggesting you give it a try (if you haven't already).  And even though I am not including one of my t-shirt designs as the embedding MySoti provides in order for you to blog about your art, I love this photo that I've turned into art with a few strokes of my laptop keyboard.  Maybe it will inspire you.

Mahalo.  Aloha.

Winter Waves Pt. Dume Malibu artwork by nb2cDorkBjork. Available from

Thursday, January 7, 2010

MySoti Has A New Look

A funny thing happened while I was living my life...things went on without me.

I so didn't end up doing extra blog posts in an effort to shamelessly try to get in last minute plugs for people to buy items with my designs on them.  Didn't feel right.

And MySoti got a new look to its website and will soon be adding new products.  I don't know what they are.  It's a secret.

So how did I find out?  They send me a newsletter, which I don't read.  Is that wrong?  My best selling design for 2009 was a photo of Manhattan Beach Pier.  And I have a new photo of the pier I am very proud of and thought I would add it to my collection of MySoti and CafePress.

Here's the scoop on the MySoti (and p.s. if you aren't using them yet, please spread the word ( are easy to use):

Surfing - Manhattan Beach Pier tee by nb2cDorkBjork. Available from

As much as I love MySoti, I continue to love and appreciate   The same design is then available on over 100 items, like the tile below which make really great coasters.

If you are interested in buying any of these coasters, please click here.

If you are interested in seeing what this design looks like on the over 100 other products available from, please click here.

If you are wondering what my best selling design for 2009 (and BTW a shout out here of gratitude to all who buy products with my designs on them) is, see below:

This is what it looks like on the round ornament.  To buy one, click here.  If you'd like to see how this design looks on any of the other over 100 items offers, please click here.

And here is a tip.  While I am grateful for all of those who find and buy products with my designs on them because they simply went to and looked at designs and products and chose one of mine (again, thank you)...I'd like to let you know that you most likely paid more for it this way and my commission is less than if you bought it by linking say from this blog. 

For instance, many bought the above ornament for $12 through CafePress and my commission in this way is 10% or $1.20 (again, I appreciate something compared to nothing).  However, had they bought it by clicking from this blog where I ask them to click, their price would have been $7.19 (without shipping, etc.) and my commission would have been $1.20 (I marked it up 20% from CafePress's base price of $5.99).  In this case I would have ended up with the same.  However, had I marked it up 30%, the customer's price would have been only $7.79 and my commission would have been $1.80.

One may think this isn't the greatest news for CafePress.  Yet, it is a win/win/win.  CafePress still ends up with at least its base price they ask for, the end customer ends up with a lower price and the designer usually ends up with more of a commission.

Who knew!  I did the math!

P.S.  It appears the #DesignAShirtAWeek is now defunct and I don't know what @bryanbrinkman is up to.  I wish him well whatever it is.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's The Holiday Season

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving.  We all have so much to be grateful for, especially when we remember what amazing, children of Divine Love we are.

When last we wrote, I said I would most likely be posting more frequently only to find I gave myself a week away from my computer as a vacation and gift to myself.  I know!  The world didn't blow up or anything like that while I was away.  Just another thing to be grateful for.

Even though my design this week is inspired by the holiday season and it is available in t-shirt form and many other forms, AND this is a blog about designing t-shirts, I chose to display my design for this week on an ornament (available by clicking here).

"Joy to the world", "Peace on Earth" and "Goodwill to all" are my desires for this planet and the universe during the holiday season.  As I mentioned before, inspiration is always available.

@bryanbrinkman also appears to be in the holiday spirit with his current submission to #DesignAShirtAWeek, snowflake.

snowflake tee by bryanbrinkman. Available from

TTFN!  As always, live creative and prosper.

P.S.  TTFN - ta ta for now

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas Is Coming

With less than two weeks to Thanksgiving, you know it is just a hop, skip and a jump before Christmas is not only's here.

This just may mean I will be putting out a few more blog posts than my weekly fare, 'cuz we do have some great designs here that would make great, unique gifts for someone on your holiday list.

Here's something else you may consider as a gift and then you have it out there for others to possibly buy, as well.

For example, my mommy had a coffee mug my brother gave her years ago that had a design whose gist was, "I love my mommy."  Said mug broke and I'm just guessing by her request, so did a little piece of my mommy's heart.  At least enough for her to mention it and mention if I found one to let her know.

Sometimes I think she forgets what her own daughter does and that's okay.  She's entitled.  Still, the lightbulb went off and I thought, "Why...I'll create a design inspired by her request and then get her that mug."  So, I did.  Before I display the design on a kids onesie (the mug photo doesn't show the design very well), I just want to make it a bit more clear that as a designer someone you intend to give a gift to may feel it is the ultimate gift that you have designed something in their honor.

Or maybe they aren't the least bit artistic, but have an idea and would love for you to come up with a design especially for them.  Variations on those themes.

Okay, so here is the design:

Please click here, to purchase items with the above design.

Here's @bryanbrinkman's 11th design.  I didn't get it at first, until seeing he refers to it as his "knife shirt".  The shirt reads, "cut ya later".  Enjoy.

Cut ya later tee by bryanbrinkman. Available from

Below is my official Holiday Design.  Enjoy!

Santa's Helper tee by nb2cDorkBjork. Available from
That's all for this week.  Happy designing.  And as always, live creative and prosper.

BTW:  Marilyn Sane is still the hot T pick at MySoti for the past week.  Way to go!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where the heck do I find inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere.

I write another blog, CaliforniVacation: SoCal Style.  In looking over some of my past posts, I realized I mention parking in just about every article.  Hmmm!  Inspiration.

In yet another blog I write, Six Degrees of Separation: YouTube Style, (see, I told you this was a shameless shillin' blog) all I have to do is input a word or two in the search box.  Voila!  Many videos to choose from.  Many related videos to choose from.  Many bytes of data begging me to design something.

Or take @bryanbrinkman's current design for #DesignAShirtAWeek on Twitter.  A play on the "t" in t-shirt was all the inspiration he needed to come up with an illustration, a work of art, worthy of gracing a t-shirt anyone would be honored to wear.

See for yourself.

tea shirt tee by bryanbrinkman. Available from

I stuck with the cute for the kids theme this week.  Christmas is coming.  I'm just sayin'!

Okay, sometimes a person has to go to plan B.  I would have loved to insert a MySoti for the following two designs and for some reason I was being denied.  Maybe a blessing in disguise.  This way I showcase my Cafepress shop, which includes so many more items one may buy with the design.  Plus, their infant body suit is only $11.99 while MySoti's is $7 more.  I'm just sayin'!

If you were born to kiss your mommy:

If you were born to kiss your daddy:

Who were you born 2 kiss?


Mahalo!  Aloha!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

I love checking to see what @bryanbrinkman has created each week for his #DesignAShirtAWeek submission to the cause.

This week's submission is as creative and imaginative as all of @bryanbrinkman's designs have been to date, as you are about to view here:

unipighorse on a rainbow tee by bryanbrinkman. Available from

His unipighorse, by some, might be "pooh pooh'd" since in our current reality there would appear to be no such thing as a unipighorse.  I would argue, "what is real in the realm of imagination and drawing?"  What if Maurice Sendak had felt that way and never wrote and created the "wild things" in his widely celebrated work, "Where the Wild Things Are"?

So this week I am just saying to feel free to let your self be unlimited with your creations and designs.  Let the wild things long as they aren't going to harm someone else.

Lest you think I forgot, I haven't.  Below is my submission for this week.

Paws 4 the Cause 4 originality tee by nb2cDorkBjork. Available from

I went for the cute factor this week.  What's more cute than paws and babies?

Lastly, for the third week in a row the Marilyn Slade t-shirt is MySoti's sales topper.  Way to go!

Oh wait!  Now really lastly, as always, please consider this blog an open invite to share your designs or tips and the like.  We love hearing from you.

Happy Halloween and All Saints Day to all the sinners and saints alike.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Is it Saturday Already?

I have a challenge I want to put out to the cyber Universe and t-shirt designers in particular.

My last name is Bjork.  In many ways I am a dork.  And I have an seemingly incomprehensible and no reason admiration for that hybrid utensil, the spork.  I also have a love for Taco Bell's Baja Blast Soda.  Taco Bell is still one of the few places I know I can go and be reminded of my love for sporks.  In case you have no idea what a spork is, click here to see its wikipedia page.

I love @bryanbrinkman's designs and admire them immensely because he has a talent either I don't or am unwilling to practice to see if I can excel with it more, illustration.  I am good with coming up with a design that I can create within my skill of the tools available via Paint Shop Pro and relying on words.  @bryanbrinkman can illustrate and is confident enough to let the design speak for itself without words.

Don't get me wrong and this is one of this posts point, my seeming limitations don't have to keep me from prospering with my own design astetic.  Nor should you allow it to limit you.  Picasso, Van Gogh and Warhol all had different styles, yet prospered dare I say because of their uniqueness.

My other point, I could well envision myself having some sort of pop art spork-inspired design empire some day.  In the meantime, I had an idea for a t-shirt design that I would name "Sporkberry Fields Forever".  I even have somewhat of an idea how I would have the spork look.  That's about it.  That seems to be as far as I get.

My hope is that I may inspire some t-shirt designers in cyberspace to take my idea and run with it and come up with something awesome we could both promote and prosper from.  Maybe if enough of you submit designs, we could have an entire collection of sporkberry designs.

One of MySoti's most popular designs is Marilyn Sane (see below), which combines two items from pop culture in clever way.  Together we may be able to come up with something similarly ingenous by combining two pop culture icons into one design.

Marilyn Sane tee by RikkiB. Available from
Below is @bryanbrinkman week #8 #DesignAShirtAWeek submission "cat + ice cream = <3".  Now I really understand why I feel the way I do about math. 

cat + ice cream = <3 tee by bryanbrinkman. Available from

Below is my week #8 submission.  Many hearts, one love.  It's one for the girls.

nb2c Many Hearts, One Love tee by nb2cDorkBjork. Available from

Until next time, live creative and prosper.

It's Saturday Somewhere

When I started this blog, I had the idea I would write every Saturday to coincide with my first bryanbrinkman/Twitter #DesignAShirtAWeek connection.  Most who read this will never know I missed last Saturday.  For those who do.  Sorry!

For this weeks blog, I decided to pimp my design for one of my other blogs, CaliforniVacation: SoCal Style.  In the process, instead of finding yet another web presence you may upload your t-shirt design to, I would mention (in case you didn't know 'cuz you may not) your awesome t-shirt designs may also be uploaded for use on other products you may offer for sale through sites like CafePress and Zazzle.

For CaliforniVacation: SoCal Style I wanted to go for an entire theme.  In Southern California (SoCal) a load of people live here and a load of people visit as tourists (how's that for being specific?)  We are low on water and high on trash.  In an effort to be green, I desired to include in my theme a SIGG Bottle,

a tote bag,

a t-shirt,

 tee by nb2cDorkBjork. Available from

and a beach towel.

Search as I might, I only found one web presence that offered customizable beach towels but not in a way that CafePress, Zazzle and MySoti let you offer them.  To use this service I would have to preorder myself a number of towels with my design and then handle the money and shipping, etc. myself.   No thanks!

In the meantime, I am a little excited about some of the products Zazzle offers.  You can put your design on a skateboard.  You can have your design on a pair of women's KEDS shoes.

You can create your own Converse Chuck Taylors.  Although, as exciting as this is you can customize color combos according to their color selections for different parts of the shoe but you can't upload a design and have them print that on the canvas.  Who knows?  That day may soon come.  That would be exciting.

And as sometimes happens, perhaps I am not the only one who would love to buy custom beach towels.  A whole in the market perhaps?

So, enough about me.  Here is @bryanbrinkman week #7 entry:

Apple Worm tee by bryanbrinkman. Available from

Another brilliant (may I say and he doesn't pay me to) design.  Love how the apple is implied instead of shown.  Love the t-shirt placement.  Love the originality.

I'd include the most bought MySoti t-shirt here, but it is the same as my last blog post.

And I'd include (happy to pimp) one of this blog readers designs here.  Alas, I know of none.  This spot in future blog posts is certainly available along with any inspiration or tips you'd like to share.

Until next time, live creative and prosper.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

#DesignAShirtAWeek 6

This week I'm writing about a resource for t-shirt designers, Rival Art.

You know, in high-end advertising agencies they have copy people and art people.  It's usually rare when one person does both.  This doesn't mean you can't envision an entire ad campaign or for our purposes what you may feel would be a kick-ass t-shirt design.  It's just that either as an art person or more of a copy person, it may be difficult for you to get your design into a usable format without a little help.

If you are more like me (more of the copy talent with less art talent), Rival Art may be just what you need to really take your t-shirt designing to a new level.  Rival Art offers clip art, templates or you may hire them to do art.

My design this week is my reminder to all and my self to be sure to include fun in my life.  You'd think we wouldn't need a reminder, but sometimes we just do.
nb2c, life is meant 2B fun tee by nb2cDorkBjork. Available from

Bryan's design is a delightful play on the word manatee, hence the holding of the sausage.
Manatee In a Tee tee by bryanbrinkman. Available from

As a long-time David Bowie fan, this week's most wanted t-shirt from Mysoti is a clever play on two very iconic symbols merged into one.  Perhaps the shirt may inspire you to create something equally as awesome by combining iconic symbols.
Marilyn Sane tee by RikkiB. Available from

May you continue to be inspired with joyous and prosperous creativity.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Going Pro

Welcome to Week #5.

Okay, still a little surprised that no one else is participating on Twitter #DesignAShirtAWeek.  Having said that, I am thrilled with @bryanbrinkman and @loribjork entries for this week.

Since I am @loribjork and one of my other great passions is spirituality and the law of attraction, I just want to share my belief that if you ever find yourself walking around and all of a sudden an idea pops in your mind that goes something like this, "that would be a great idea for a t-shirt"...well, to me, that really is all it takes to identify your self as a t-shirt designer.

There are tons of easy to use software out there to help you get the idea from your mind into a digital format.  And tons of web presences, including MySoti, that you can upload your design to.  Or if you don't have the use of software or the time or inclination to learn, you could always hire someone like @bryanbrinkman or @loribjork to create a digital representation for you and/or upload it to the various web presences.

For me personally, there was nothing more exciting than the first time someone buys an item with one of my designs on them.  And while I am not a dictionary, let's get real here.  If you get paid for doing something, you are a PRO.

Once you identify your self as a PRO, it radiates a vibration to the Universe that brings you more of the same.

So, if you want to be a one.  Proclaim it.  PRO claim it.

"If you think you can't or can, you are correct." Henry Ford

Okay...@bryanbrinkman was obviously inspired this week by Halloween.  I love his newest entry.

Ghost tee by bryanbrinkman. Available from

@loribjork not so much.  I appear to be a little more inspired by the love of a tall, cool one.

nb2c - Born2Drink - Not Born 2 Conform tee by nb2cDorkBjork. Available from

Thanks for peeping this blog.

Remember, there is a standing open invitation to all who wish to participate via Twitter with #DesignAShirtAWeek.  We will shamelessly plug your design in this blog.

Below is one of the most demanded designs on MySoti this week.  Stuff by RikkiB, which is described as doodle-tastic!

Stuff tee by RikkiB. Available from

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Entry 4 #DesignAShirtAWeek

Okay, I have to admit I am a bit sad that of all the followers @bryanbrinkman and I (@loribjork) with Twitter (over 30,000 as I write this), we still are the only two put a design out there participants with #DesignAShirtAWeek.

That's right. No hand holding here, folks. I don't subscribe to a "this is how you blog" mentality. I just tell it like I see/feel it.

I would love more participation. I would love to share your design with the world. And here's the thing. If you put love in your design, even if only one other person...hell...even if you are the only person who thinks "it rocks!" that is enough. It has to be enough.

Take for example @bryanbrinkman 4th entry. Probably not for everyone. Reminds me of Chris Farley's "Fat man in a little coat" as it is entitled, "fatty fish". When you click to view his awesome design, you'll note he comments "this is a fat fish in a small bowl."

Personally, I didn't realize a fish could be fat or have fat on its body. But why not now that I am confronted with it? And perhaps that is the wonder of a great design, even if the designer simply thought what about a fat fish in a small bowl. Is the fish fat because there is little room for it to swim and thus, doesn't get much exercise and eats due to boredom. Or perhaps as Dorie, the forgetful fish in the Disney flik, Finding Nemo, there really isn't a need to put too much thought into it. It simply is what it is.

And simply is what it is, below is @bryanbrinkman "fatty fish" design.

Fatty Fish tee by bryanbrinkman. Available from

Of course, not to be left out as the other #DesignAShirtAWeek participant, below is my week 4 design. Normally, I consider myself to be the spirituality queen. And yet, for many of my nb2c (not born 2 conform) designs, while I feel conformity is tantamount to the way Divine Love perceives the past I had a lot of judgment about porn and violence and this and that that most would think I wouldn't include in my designs.

These days I understand that Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is considered divine (no judgment...for to judge something as divine and something else as not divine is the epitome of judgment). So...if you want to party however you want to party...technically, it can't ever make you less or more spiritual or Divine in the eyes of Divine Love. Of course, it may seem that way in the eyes of people who don't understand their true Divine selves, but...

nb2c Party Like A Porn Star big tee by nb2cDorkBjork. Available from

So....if you had submitted a design, your design could have been "pimped" HERE. Since this isn't the case, I want to share my experience with threadless since I wrote about them in my last blogpost.

I checked them out further because of the "so far" seeming uniqueness that they actually will pay a designer before others have bought items with their designs simply based on votes about submitted designs from threadless website visitors.

I have to say that I felt a little weird that when I found out the only way I could submit a design was if I had Photoshop (which I currently did not have). Also, I felt a little bummed out that I was this t-shirt designer blogger and I didn't have Photoshop and really know very little about it and in a way am not that sure that I desire to spend my time learning more.

My inspiration to get more into the world of the internet and internet commerce is the book, "The 4-Hour Work Week" by Timothy Ferriss and instead, here I find myself spending just about 8 hours a DAY chained to my computer.

Okay, chained is an exaggeration. Sometimes I find I can sit at my computer doing this or that and especially if it is something creative that I sort of have in my mind and really want to manifest digitally and have it turn out just so...for over 8 hours at a time. And if you think I am exaggerating, I am not. Okay, 6 hours. And by that I am talking about no eating, no going to the bathroom, etc. I hydrate. Only 'cuz I keep a water filled container close to my computer. In other words, I can sit completely focused on what is going on with my computer for hours.

Now I am not trying to say this is a bad thing. Most spiritual texts will tell you that if you are doing something that you basically lose track of time doing, that is very in the moment being and one of the best things "spiritually" you can be/do.

So, again, technically it isn't bad and I don't want to put out that vibe. Not to mention that at this point in my life, I am in the process of letting go of any good/bad type of thinking/feeling. It's all good, eh?

It's simply that in the context of intention and preference, do I really want to spend at least 8 hours every day of the week at my laptop? And I would have to answer "no" if I'm honest.

Of course, for some of you, you might think it interesting to delve deeper to wonder "why?" Is this really my preference or is my feeling at least 8 hours a day on the computer seven days a week more something I think others would feel is loser geek-ness with a capital L and a capital G.?

And now that this blog post is getting long, long, long...why am I sharing this?

I felt weird about not having Adobe Photoshop and thinking how am I really going to be able to participate, when someone gifted me with Adobe Photoshop in the last couple of days.

Do what you love and the universe will support you.

Peace out my brother and sister t-shirt designers. And please, please, please submit your entries to the #DesignAShirtAWeek if you feel motivated to. Like my friend who actually wrote an entire movie script even though it will probably never, ever be made into a movie, I am going to love it simply because it was Divinely inspired in your mind and you were confident enough to put it out there in some way even if that is how far it will ever end up going.

Here's to inspiration. Here's to creativity. Here's to not letting anything excuses keep you from expressing your creativity.

Rock On!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

tweets on tees

perhaps another reason to check out threadless. That is if you tweet.

What makes a successful t-shirt designer?

What makes a successful t-shirt designer?

Seriously, what's that answer.

You've sold more t-shirts with your designs on them than anyone else?

You are in spot 1 when someone searches "t-shirt designers" on Google Search.

So I had to check them out. Catchy slogan, "You think it. We ink it."

Okay, I'm still enthralled with MySoti if you are thinking t-shirt design purist. Custom Ink does offer the ability to put your design for purchase on a frisbee. Frisbee golf anyone? They seem very much like cafepress. Hmmm, but shorts and beer koozies too. The design lab looked inviting. Nothing about tips on what makes a good design.

So what else does google have for us?



Here we go? They pick a best of the month, called the bestee winner. July '09s winner, If you would like to see his design, click here. It actually is quite delightful, but you need to be a cat person.

And they have design challenges. Currently, threadless loves geeks sponsored by Microsoft. You can win some money, too. They are accepting designs through October 1, 2009. Want more info, click here.

Threadless also offers money if your design is chosen for print. More info about this if you click above which takes you to their homepage. If you win their annual bestee award, kapow, $22,500.

MySoti has a this week's most wanted. People may vote on each others designs. This week's most wanted:
INGREDIENTS - MENS tee by roper. Available from

Okay, I checked out MySoti's blog to see if they have any design tips. Nada!

It did show some pretty awesome designs, though.

Okay, no answer to what makes a designer successful. You could probably find as many answers almost as their are designs.

If you are a t-shirt designer and would like me to dedicate a blog to you and some of your designs and your design process and inspirations and what you feel makes a successful t-shirt designer and the like, call me. Okay, don't call me 'cuz I'm not giving you my phone number. You can leave me a message via MySoti.

And, of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't use this opportunity to pimp one of my own designs.

nb2c Party Like A Porn Star big tee by nb2cDorkBjork. Available from

and the same design but small

nb2c Party Like A Porn Star small tee by nb2cDorkBjork. Available from

Until we meet again, may you be abundant and blessed with inspiration and may you flow an abundant amount of wealth to you for bringing your inspiration to manifestation.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Speaking of circulating the green and "Cha-Ching"

...I am not suggesting you design solely with the intention of what will I create that will bring me the most money. In my heart of hearts, I hope that you design 'cuz you almost can't not design and you design what you are inspired to design.

And as we all know by now, everything is energy and we are all energy workers. Thoughts become things and all that jazz.

So, I don't feel that it hurts to put it out there into the cosmos and the universe that even though you are designing to please you, it'd be such a win/win/win/win if you would attract buyers who were attracted to your work and happy to buy products with your designs on them and love them so much they tell their friends.

I can't take all the credit for this. One of my spiritual teachers, Rebecca Marina, shared this with me. You determine how buyers come to you. With that in mind, start repeating "I'm attracting customers in the mood to buy." Really feel the truth of this and get into whatever rhythm feels right as you repeat it to really energize the words and radiate a corresponding vibe.

This will be easy and effective for those who trust the universe to help them. If this isn't you so much, you may want to work on your trust issues while still radiating this vibe anyway.

With her inspiration (you know if I collected classic or vintage cars, I'd be the one who feels the need to modify, as opposed to being the one who feels the need to restore it to its original perfection), I sort of came up with a buyer/seller ho'oponopono. The spiritual Hawaiian ho'oponopono practice and prayer is "I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you."

You might consider the following as your mantra while visioning (as much as you are capable) the your products and people happily buying them and referring you to their friends.
I love you.
I am attracting those in the mood to buy products that flow money to me.
They love the products and love sharing with their friends.
Bless them. Bless money. Bless everything.
Thank you.

Please also note, I refer to customers as much as I can as buyers. This is something I learned from Jeffrey Gitomer in his book, Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching. Click here to find out more about the book. Heck you may even want to imagine hearing "cha-ching" sounds during the process.

As the official German word to utter when drinking beer from a stein to toast is "PROST!" and in celebration to your success, I extend the following to you, "Prost! May you be blessed with many satisfied buyers and referrals."

So, I just wouldn't feel right...

if I didn't include @bryanbrinkman's first three #DesignAShirtAWeek submissions.

Week 1
explorers club tee by bryanbrinkman. Available from

Week 2 - Seriously, Bryan, my son, Chris, would love the description for this design.
Zilla Meets Boy tee by bryanbrinkman. Available from

Week 3 - Seriously, maybe my son and you share the same brain. Bravo!
Castronaut Mittens tee by bryanbrinkman. Available from

I've also created a squidoo lens for nb2c and one nb2c 4 adults. Both are, yes, 1. dedicated to getting my designs out there, but B. also about sharing the design experience, inspirations, and possible ways we can help each other flow and circulate more of that green. I know you know what I mean.

Happy designing to all.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009



September 12, 2009 (technically...since it is on at 12:35 AM) I saw an episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The second one already with that guy who was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and hosted the VMAs. The first time he was on the show, as a Twitter experiment they picked someone out of the audience and encouraged everyone to follow him on Twitter and see how many followers he'd get.

The second time that guy was on the show, they again mentioned @BryanBrinkman and that everyone should send him a nice tweet...probably to be sure to watch the VMAs.

So I tweeted him. When I viewed his profile page to see how many followers he had and what he'd been tweeting, I saw a tweet for #DesignAShirtAWeek. Well, I design shirts and I wanted in. And then there were two.

What was fun about this is that Bryan uses a website called MySoti, which is blog friendly.

And so while I haven't really decided exactly what direction to take this blog in, my initial inspiration is to invite more people to tweet with the #DesignAShirtAWeek hash tag and then pick one or two or three to share their design for the week and their inspiration for creating the design.

So, again welcome.

I plan on most of my submissions coming from my nb2c or what I consider text-speak for not born 2 conform. To me this is the attitude where originality is embraced and uniqueness reigns. And if this makes me a dork (thus my MySoti moniker, nb2cdorkbjork), so be it. I figure dorks, geeks, nerds and the like actually have it best because we tend to shun the status quo, collective consciousness and think outside the box.

In this first blog, I include my week 1 design, which was my original nb2c design. And I'll be honest, part of why it includes a skull and crossbones is 'cuz that seems to be quite a popular icon with the younger crowd.

nb2c originality reigns tee by nb2cDorkBjork. Available from

My week two entry comes from loving the lips and coming up with something that uses them and incorporates the nb2c attitude.

nb2c Not Born 2 Kiss UR BLEEP tee by nb2cDorkBjork. Available from

And even though entry three is a little early (we'll consider every Friday official entry day), this is also one of my favorite designs 'cuz I love the glasses with the tape on the bridge and I love the idea of those who buy it having the "stones" to put it out there and tell it like it is.

nb2c original Born2Peep Porn BIG tee by nb2cDorkBjork. Available from

It was after a couple of days that I got the idea to create two web pages for each design. One I call BIG, which as you can see above puts the design out there on full display over most of the front of the shirt.

The one I call small. Not everyone likes a design that big. Some are more subtle and like the idea of smaller with placement over the heart. And that is probably another thing that I hope to come out of this are possible tips. So here is the same design as the one above, just placed over the heart.

nb2c original Born2Peep Porn heart placement tee by nb2cDorkBjork. Available from

So, I encourage you to submit your designs via twitter and I trust that if I check out your design and love it, you'll agree to allow me to promote it in this blog.

Happy t-shirt designing and wearing.